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Just a decade before, desktop used to be the luxurious gadget for any professional and business person. But now the scenario has been changed. Laptop has almost become the part of every middle class family and all above the middle class families. Though laptop is actually used for the computing purposes by a minor percentage of the laptop users, the major percentage of the users using them consider and treat the laptops as the styling statement, no matter whether the laptop has been used for the computing or projects or simply to watch the movies, videos and play the games.

No matter for what purpose the laptops are bought and used, it is an undeniable fact that laptops are prominently used by the present generation. When one technology has been developed and released in the market, there will be many other dimensions that are unveiled. When the usage of the laptops is increased, servicing and laptops are also increased proportionally. So, the more the number of laptops used, the more the servicing or repairing services are needed.

About us

Our laptop servicing center is located in Ameerpet. Years of experience in real time training provided by us, the RCP Technologies is now into the operations and the experts are now on real time work. The objective of our laptop services are to provide timely services by increasing the accuracy of the servicing and decrease the time taken for the repair of your laptop to return your perfectly working laptop back to you.

Important Note For You

We are here to serve you the best by providing the best quality repairing services for your laptops, desktops, printers, LCD monitors and mobiles. Our experts are well acquainted and well experienced to service all kinds of brands and models of the laptops. Feel free to contact us for any help and support regarding the servicing of all these computer and mobile products.

Laptop Services

Laptop Problems

We have the laptop servicing center in the Ameerpet, which is almost in the center of the city, providing easier access to reach us for the laptop repairs. Our experts possess the expertise to deal with the following laptop servicing problems, but not limited with these problems.

  • Keyboard problems of the laptops, like specific keys are stuck or non-functional
  • Damaged keys on the keyboard
  • Multimedia problems, like audio and video issues of the laptops
  • Screen related problems, like no display, partial display or unclear display of the screen of the laptops
  • All kinds of issues related to the batteries of the laptops, like charging issues, back up time, power surge and all related problems
  • Other peripheral related issues, which are in the form of small circuit boards and the issues of the functions of the respective peripheral functions of the laptops
  • All issues related to the motherboard, like motherboard is not functional, motherboard is to be replaced, motherboard is to be repaired, etc.
  • LCD panel issues, like break on the screen, unclear display and all related issues about the LCD panels
  • Software issues, like operating system issues, spyware, malware, system hanging and all issues related to the software
  • Malfunction of the laptops
  • Non-conditional software of the laptops
  • Installation of the operating system and other application software

Apart from the repairs of the laptops, we also provide you the servicing for the following computer and mobile devices.

  • LCD monitors repairs
  • Desktop repairs
  • Printer repairs
  • Mobile repairs